WORLD FAMOUS GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA January 2019. Tickets at:  glennmiller.cz/vstupenky ,  TICKETPORTAL.CZ  ,  TICKETMASTER.CZ


 Calendar of GMO tour  January 2019 .

07.01.2019 - Plzen
08.01.2019 Pardubice
09.01.2019 - Hradec Kralove
10.01.2019 - Olomouc
11.01.2019 - Ostrava
12.01.2019 - Prague – 17:00
12.01.2019 - Prague – 20:00
13.01.2019 - Brno
14.01.2019 - Zlin
15.01.2018 Bratislava (SK)
16.01.2018 Usti nad Labem
Full schedule you will find at SHOWS&TICKETS

Good news!

Andrej Konstantinov, director of GMO tour :

This is a unique orchestra. Unique music. And there is nothing close to them in Europe. Tickets for GMO are the best Christmas present! And the best present in general, for all celebrations!

Robert Schroth, musician:

We have a jazz band and are playing for fun for us and our friends. Jazz is a specific music.. It’s basically state and statement of your mind and sole. We are very glad to know that Glenn Miller orchestra is coming to Czech Republic

Vera Chidirova, Designer:

I was on the first concert in Prague of Glenn Miller Orchestra and after this I go to ALL concerts of this band, am not missing any of them. They bring incredible energy and high spirit to atmosphere, you feel like wings are growing behind you. It is really good news they are coming. Anxious

Petr Beneš, Jazz pianist, composer and arranger, teacher at Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory:

They are real masters! Every concert of Glenn Miller Orchestra is always an evening of swing and elegance. Will recommend to my students to go to concert – they should be educated on best  masterpieces.